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The Zoo Schmiding

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The biggest in the world cage with birds with square of 25 000 sq km...The biggest Oceanarium in Austria... One of the newest zoos in Europe... Do you know what is it about?  The zoo in the city Schmiding

Yes, this zoo is situated on the land Upper Austria,but it is only in hour and a half drive from Bad Reichenhall, and such zoo is necessary to visit, i think it will be a very interesting trip (attention, you need to drive on the Austrian autobahns so don't forget about the vignette).

Address: Schmidingerstrasse, 5,A- 4631 Krenglbach

The zoo works daily from 9 o'clock until 16 o'clock (the box office works until 15 o'clock), Oceanarium works until 17 o'clock.

The cost of the visit: children under 6 years free, adults - the zoo 15,50 euros, Oceanarium+museum - 15,50 euros, combo - 19,80 euros; the child from 6 to 15 years - the zoo 7,50, Oceanarium - 7,50 euros,combo - 9,50 euros; then the discounts by family tickets,  look for the prices on the website, there are different types of tickets, you can find what will fix you.

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While observing pay attention to the children's playgrounds, where children can have fun and burn off excess energy, necessary go to the ramp, where you can meet giraffes. The pedestrian roads along the zoo are nearly 4 km length, be ready for a long walk.

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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65