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Cheldren's park Allgau Skyline Park

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Who wants some adrenaline? Who wants to ride the highest in the world roller coaster with vertical loop? Who wants to ride one of the biggest German  autodroms? No? Then maybe you want to watch the elephant parade or take part in the greatest fights with water cannons? In general,if you go with children to this entertainment park you should definitely visit it! I tell you about the biggest entertaining park of Bavaria - amusement park Allgau Skyline Park.

Yes, it is situated not in the upper Bavaria, and it is rather far (2h 30min or 211 km from Bad Reichenhall) from the describing area but... It is the best and very interesting to children,i think the trip here is worth it. When my son saw the website of the park he said: "we should definitely go there!",so now i know where to go )))

So where? Address:  Skyline-Park-Str. 1, 86871 Rammingen

By train you should go to the station RAMMINGEN (Bavaria), from there to the park is only 800 meters. For those who go by bus FLIXBUS there's a stop right at the entrance to the park.  

Pay attention to   the working time, it depends on the month and day of the week. Besides, this park opens rather early in spring, very often before Easter, what is unusual for such kinds of parks in Austria and Germany. In 2020 the opening of the park will be on Saturday on the 28th of March. Also, recommend to watch the page with the schedule of the park before the trip as they write about preventive works on attractions below the website, in order not to go there in vain if the goal of your trip will be closed.

The entrance for children under 15 at the birthday +/- 5 days is free, for adults (height from 150 cm) entrance - 33,00 euros, from 110 cm to 149 c - 26,00 euros, children below 110 cm enter free. There's a family ticket - 96 euros, if three visitors are higher 150 cm and one is below - discount 20 euros.The ticket is valid for the whole day. Walk and go there you can for the whole day, visiting one of the 60 attractions or going to those that are especially favourite. In the price of the ticket included using all attractions of the park. There are many entertainments for visitors of all sizes and ages. Besides the usual work in park, there are held concerts and celebrations, which you can know about on the event  page of the entertainment park Algau.

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