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Bad Reichenhall


So now,  Bad Reichenhall.

The main city of my message is the small town, which is situated on the border of Germany and Austria; it is located in 2 hours drive from the airport of Munich and in 25 minutes drive from the airport of Salzburg. There is not much information about this city in the guidebooks, how did I get here?


The doctors, who advised us to go into the course of treatment for a constant runny nose of my daughter, “introduced” us this city. The city is situated in the mountains, on huge deposits of salt, with the salt saturation of the air comparable to the sea air. The climate is very similar to the Central Russia that is why there is no acclimatization. My son made his first trip to this town, and he was only 6 months then.

Besides the climate, the city has a good location: near to the airport of Salzburg (but pay attention to that there are only charters flying to Salzburg, so you may fly with transfers); it is far from the airport in Munich, but you can rent a car (it is very convenient for the rides); moreover, it is only 10 minutes from the center of the city to autobahn, connecting Salzburg and Munich.

The atmosphere in the city is very quiet and calm. The Germans themselves call their city “the city of the pensioners”, but it does not bother us at all, we are not goers. The number of hotels, guest-houses and flats for tourists amazes, there is always a great variety to choose from, the prices will let you make both a cheap vacation or do not deny yourself anything. A great number of attractions is available for tourists, on every taste, there are castles, museums, parks, waterfalls, lakes, mines, thermals, and, of course, mountains – my website is about it. .


There are several big supermarkets, small shops, a pedestrian street in the city center; it is like The Moscow Arbat, with boutiques, there are also two or three outlets available.

Having a vacation with little children it is not convenient for me to change hotels, it is more comfortable to come to a temporary own house, and then take strolls to the surroundings from there. We always alternated long trips with hiking in the city, so the kids did not get tired, when the children grew up we continued to travel in such mode – it is convenient for both children and adults.

In general, in my opinion, this city is an ideal place, which is comfortable to use as a starting point for little trips around.

DSC_1620DSC_9119 DSC_7309


The city has not changed )) The same friendly people, welcoming owners of the restaurants…

I do not know what to add, everything is stably and this is attractive nowadays! However, there is always a place for discovery! This time we found a new restaurant that is actually very very old. The attentive reader will find it ;)

 DSC_1882 IMG_20180810_151400DSC_1947


The website of the city  Bad ReichenhallThe Event Calendar of the city Bad Reichenhall

Attractions nearby:

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The Church 333 steps (Wallfahrtskirche St.Pankarz),  

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The salt mine Bad Reichenhall

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Rossfeld Panorama Strasse Drive by public transport or car

Königssee Drive by public transport or car

Berchtesgaden Palace Drive by public transport or car

Summer sleighs of Sommerrodelbahn Berchtesgaden Drive by public transport or car

The Baths in Berrchtesgaden (Watzmann Therme) Drive by public transport or car

Hans-Peter Porsche museum (Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk) Drive by public transport or car

Rural museum of Salzburg Drive by public transport or car

The Salt mine Berchtesgaden (Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden) Drive by public transport or car

Sports Outlets Drive by public transport or car

The liquor store Grassl  Drive by public transport or car

Railway museum in Freilassing (Freilassing Locomotive World)  Drive by public transport or car


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