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Zoo Salzburg (Zoo Salzburg Hellbrunn)

On the other side from Helbrunn Salzburg zoo is situated, it is the continuation of the palace park, but you should buy the separate ticket there.


If you go by car then when buying the ticket to the zoo you will be given a coupon with the paid parking - it is included in the price.

The website:  Salzburg ZooTickets: adults - 12.00 euros, children from 4 to 14 – 5.50 euros, teenagers 15 – 19 years - 8.00 euros, family ticket - 27.50 euros ( 2 adults+1 child), for every child - 5,00 euros, a dog - 2,80 euros. Here in the box offices you can buy food for animals, check the price at the place, who and how to feed (the price is about 3 euros).

The zoo is always open from 9 o'clock, and it is closed in January, February, November and December at 16.30, in March at 17:30, in April,May, September, October - at 18 o'clock, in June ,July, August at 18:30.

The address for navigator: Hellbrunner Straße 60, 5081 Anif/Salzburg, Österreich

This is the territory of Austria, don't forget about the "vignette"!!!

And now about the zoo in short. It is not big, but very cosy and comfortable. We were there many times, and we always went there with pleasure!


While going along the zoo raise your head up, predatory birds fly without any cages, they just sit on the trees around,and also don't be surprised to see macaws on these trees))


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