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The mountain Predigtstuhl


The mountain Predigtstuhl.  The height is 1614 meters. It is situated near the city Bad Reichenhall.

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I could not make an ascent on foot, but the lift…

Predigstuhlbahn cable car that is included in the 10 oldest funiculars of the world! It has been working almost 90 years. On the photos above on the top of the mountain, the lift station and a hotel are situated. The lift website: Predigstuhlbahn

The cost for the rise/descent for an adult – 34 euros (31 euros with the guest card), children from 7 to 16 years – 22 euros, there are family tickets. There are mixed tickets, for example the thermals + lift will save you 15% from the cost. In general, check attentively all the suggestions at the box office.

Also pay your attention to the schedule of the maintenance of the lift in 2020 (the restaurant is not working on these days) –

  • Technical works, as expected, 24. – 31. January 2020 (maybe on the weekend)
  • In spring the edition from 23. March – 03. April 2020 (maybe on the weekend)
  • In autumn the edition from 09. – 26. November 2020

The parking:  Südtiroler Pl 1, 83435 Bad Reichenhall

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When leaving the carriage on the top, look necessarily at the photos on the wall, there is the history of the building of the lift and the operation, there is even the photo how the plane was raised in the carriage on the mountain!

From the top of the mountain you can see a beautiful view on the Alps, Bad Reichenhall, in a good weather you can even see Salzburg.

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There are good tracks on the top, so you can easily walk there with a baby in a pram. The hotel was abandoned until 2017, but some people say that somebody bought it. By the traces, one can say that hares and goats come here. Crosses mark the tops of the mountains.

DSC_8302 IMG_0828  IMG_0827 IMG_0803 DSC_8348

On the last photo, you can see a technical building of the lift and a restaurant. You should definitely go there! If the weather is good and there are updrafts of wind, so from here paragliders will start, that is worth seeing. If you are on the bench with a glass of beer from the café – you can watch the flight for a very long time!!! Dear mothers with babies, you can calmly walk along Predigtstuhl, but on the neighboring mountain, you can hardly go up, there is a very narrow path. Those who will go up there can see Predigtstuhl from top – the height of the mountain is over 1700 meters.

DSC_8386 DSC_8383 DSC_8350 DSC_8411 IMG_0811 DSC_8402


Walking up, you can have a snack in the café/restaurant, the prices are higher, but it is worth it, the interior is interesting…

DSC_8370 DSC_8364

It is a wonderful place! I strongly recommend going up this mountain at least once!

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