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Rural museum of Salzburg


A 10-minute drive from Bad Reichenhall (9 km) is a large open-air Museum, a kind of ethnic village that presents agricultural Austria.

Website:  Rural museum of Salzburg
Parking:   Hasenweg 1, 5084 Großgmain, Austria The museum works from 29 March to 8 November, Monday is a weekend, from 9.00 until 18.00, from 29 March to 30 June from 9.00 until 17.00; from 1 July to 31 August museum works without weekends from 9.00 until 18.00, from 1 September to 24 October except Monday from 9,00 until 18,00 o'clock; from 25 October to 8 November except Monday from 9.00 until 17,00 o'clock, also the museum works from 26 December to 06 January from 10 until 16 o'clock. Tickets for adults - 11,00 euros, for children - 5,50 euros, family ticket - 22 euros, children under 6 years- free. At the birthday the entrance is free(with passport).

If you go by your move: the bus 180 follows every hour from the railways Bad Reichenhall (18 minutes to the museum) and Salzburg (35 minutes).

For children, in addition to the Museum, of course, there is a children's railway, a petting zoo, playgrounds, an entertainment area with water attractions, a butterfly watching trail, you can take a children's cart. The Museum itself recommends that you plan to visit the exhibition for about 3 hours. More than 100 buildings, 7 km walk.

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2018 year.

On the day when we went to this Museum, there was a weather cataclysm, the temperature dropped from 34 degrees to 16. In the morning it rained a little, but when we arrived at the Museum, the rain increased. We waited for the local train to go to the exit from the far end of the Museum, and while we were driving, the rain turned into a real downpour. We never got out of the trailer. What can I say about this short tour? The Museum is definitely worth a look!!! On our next visit to Bavaria, this is just point number 1. The territory is huge, as they say in the prospectus, about 50 hectares. The railway is more than 3 km long. More than 100 buildings and expositions that tell about the life and history of various parts of the land of Salzburg. Restaurant with its own brewery, playgrounds... In General, this is a hike for the whole day! Take your friends and acquaintances for a walk!

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