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The castle Hohenwerfen (Burg Hohenwerfen)

Probably everyone watched the movie "Indiana Jones in search of the lost ark". Remember the castle where the Nazis held the main character's father captive? This is the Hohenwerfen castle. One of the most photogenic castles in the world. 


The parking lot at the foot of the mountain, where the castle is situated:Erlebnisburg Hohenwerfen
Burgstraße 2, 5450

Working time: from 13 July to 14 August - from 9.00 until 18.00, from May to September from 9.00 until 17.00, in March , April, October and November from 9.30 until 16.00, at other time the castle is closed. Monday is a weekend day!

The entrance for adults - 16,50 euros, for children from 6 to 14 years - 9,50 euros, family ticket - 39,50 euros, the parking is free, the lift - 1,5 euros. If you buy tickets online the price of the ticket for an adult will be 13 euros.

The website:  Hohenwerfen

The castle is  situated in half an hour from Bad Reichenhall, you need a vignette.

There's a weapon museum in the castle, among its exhibits there's the biggest collection of cold steel in Europe


In the garden children can play different games, there are shows and cafes. The guides dressed in the medieval clothes, they look very picturesque.


It is worth visiting this castle because of the wild birds show. It is held in the lower garden of the castle. There's a video made by the workers of the museum (by their order), watch it. I don't know what about you ,I get goosebumps))

That's come true!!! We got on the birds show!!! Hooray!!! 

In Austria, I saw the prospectuses of several similar shows, which I will definitely tell you about on this site. However, what there won't be is the castle walls around it. I can say that sitting in the stadium (well, if you can call the place where the show is held) or watching it under the walls of a powerful castle are completely different things!

DSC_1443 DSC_1451 

The audience takes their seats, the “lords” of birds come out and the SHOW BEGINS!!!

DSC_1465  DSC_1762  DSC_1790  DSC_1759 

DSC_1473-1  DSC_1616

The audience takes their seats, the “lords” of birds come out and the SHOW BEGINS!!!

Please note that you can't be in the middle of the area, which is fenced with a rope, and the show will not start until the area is completely cleared. The action itself takes about 30-40 minutes, but it looks simple in one breath. Birds fly among the audience, soar high up, dive down at a breakneck speed (up to 200 km/h). FANTASTIC!!! I can't take photos, everything is so fast and dynamic. Delight is not transmitted!

DSC_1747  DSC_1542

Well, after the presentation be sure to visit exhibitional rooms located within the castle walls. The Museum that is located at the entrance to the castle (if you went up on foot) tells about falconry in different countries of the world, including Russia. Look, this is really interesting. 

DSC_1843  DSC_1826 DSC_1839 DSC_1840

DSC_1838  DSC_1484 DSC_1419

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