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The city which has given the name - Berchtesgaden

It is situated in 20-25 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall. It is a small city with the population of 15 000 people, but it is very attractive.

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There is a view on the third-largest peak of Germany – the mountain Watzmann. There are several attractions nearby. There are thermals for the rest, shops for shopping, and both big chain stores, like Lidl, Rewe, and small private shops.

There are many restaurants representing different cuisines of the world in the city. In general, this city is very interesting for tourists.



We have been there several times, but have not stayed for the night. Why did not I choose this city as a “Base”? It is situated at the end of the say so peninsula and surrounded by mountains, in fact it is a dead end, from where the two ways to the world are: the first one is on the toll road, which is sometimes closed, and the second one is through Bad Reichenhall, that makes the way longer than 30 minutes to other attractions of Bavaria and Salzburg, and that is not convenient when you are travelling with little children. Otherwise, it is a very cozy beautiful and comfortable town. It will be perfect for those people who do not want to make many moves, who prefer a calm rest in one place.

The website of the city:  Cultural events of the land Berchtesgaden

Attractions nearby:

The Baths in Berrchtesgaden (Watzmann Therme)

The gorge of Waterfalls Wimbachklamm Drive by public transport or car

Rossfeld Panorama Strasse  Drive by car

The Aerie Drive by public transport or car


Obersee and waterfall Rothbach Wasserfall 

Berchtesgaden Palace

Summer sleighs of Sommerrodelbahn Berchtesgaden Drive by car

The mountain Predigtstuhl Drive by public transport or car

The Church 333 steps (Wallfahrtskirche St.Pankarz) Drive by public transport or car

The Rupertus Thermae (Rupertustherme) Drive by public transport or car

Hans-Peter Porsche museum (Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk) Drive by public transport or car

Rural museum of Salzburg Drive by public transport or car

The salt mine Bad Reichenhall Drive by public transport or car

The liquor store Grassl


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