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The street of 1000 signdoards Getreidegasse

Actually, the street is called Getreidegasse.

It is situated in half an hour drive from Bad-Reichenhall, you can park on the embankment of the river Saale or in the one of the covered parking lots in the center. All parking lots are paid.

This street is may be the symbol of Salzburg as Hohensalzburg.


The street goes in parallel with the embankment; you can go to the museum Haus of Natur. Actually it is one of the most tourist place of Salzburg (by the way!!! Hide your wallets!). What is wonderful in this street? The most unusual signboards are situated here; simple shops/cafes have very unusual signboards, what is one McDonald’s worth!


It is written in the guides that there was no numbering of the houses and postmen defined letters by signboards))

It is a simple walk along the tourist place, you can walk from the street to look at the cathedrals of Salzburg, visit the Mozart Museum, and watch the old panorama of Salzburg, the museum of Christmas toys. I can say that if you are in Salzburg, you should definitely walk along this street!

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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65