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The bird park Greifvogelpark Telfes

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Do you know that bald eagles as swans choose the partner for the whole life? If they both build nest, then they raise chicks only in this house? And do you pretend the size of the nests of the bald eagles? The biggest one was a little less 3 meters in diameter, height for about 6 meters and weight nearly 2 tonnes.

Is it interesting? All these and many other facts from the life of predatory birds you can learn in the birds park Greifvogel Telfes, and you can also watch the demonstration flights of these handsome birds

The park is situated to the south of Innsbruck, address:   Luimes Weg 189, 6165, Austria if you go by car don't forget to buy a vignette.

Demonstration flights are held daily at 15 o'clock. The park is available from the middle of May to the middle of October. Working hours from 11 until 17 o'clock. You can not only watch birds but to pat some of them. Attention, the entrance with pets is prohibited. The entrance cost: adults - 7 euros, children from 6 years - 4 euros, children under 6 years - free.

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