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The castle Neuschwansstein (Schloss Neuschwanstein)

What castle is the most famous in Europe?

What castle is the most photogenic?

Most people say - Neuschwanstein (Schloss Neuschwanstein) and they will be right.

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The castle was built not very long time ago, by comparison to other typical constructions, and it did not have any defending function, the fortress has no military value.

The beginning of the construction of the castle was in 1869, but it was not finished to the end. In spite of this fact, the castle is the most famous attraction of Bavaria today and it brings a stable income to the Treasury.

You can go to the castle from the box offices (parking on the way), but if the weather is not good or it is too lazy to go you can ride in a van with horses. Nearly in the middle of the way from Hohen Schwangau there is a branching off to the side (a path/a road) to Marienbrucke - the place from where there's a wonderful view at the castle.

The bridge is situated above the waterfall

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In winter the passage on the bridge is considered to be dangerous so it is closed, in summer you can freely go there.The castle is unusual, there's even a grotto room inside. A couple of photos i have taken from Yandex, but it is better to come and see with your own eyes. It is strongly prohibited to make photos, moreover, the caretakers not only make a remark, but take them out of the castle.

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The ticket to the castle is 13 euros for an adult, for children under 18 the entrance is free. The working time is from 9 until 18 o'clock in summer and from 10 until 16 o'clock in winter (23 October - 16 March).

The website: Neuschwanstein

The address: Alpseestraße 2, 87645 Schwangau

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Of course you should observe this castle both with Hohen Schwangau. If the road was too long and you are tired, you can use the services of a horse-drawn carriage that will carry you to the gates of the castle. When you buy tickets to Hohen Schwangau and this castle, remember: you will need some time to get from the lower castle to the upper castle, it is better to take a reserve of an hour and a half, and if you want you have a snack or walk - 2 hours is the best.

The castle is interesting. Big rooms, the grotto room are very unusual, and I did not have a feeling of reality, all is magical, maybe like in a cartoon "Beuty and the Beast" (Disney's). Bit in spite of this i liked it).

I was in castles in winter and only one restaurant was working, between the castles. The prices of course are higher than everywhere, and the quality of services is not very good, for example I didn't wait for my coffee)) It is better to have dinner or supper in Schwangau. There are fewer people there, the prices are lower, and the most important thing!!! - the portions are huge)) Take two dishes and an empty plate for a child - you will all be full and satisfied))

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