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The salt mine Bad Reichenhall

There is an old salt mine in Bad Reichenhall itself. It is quite easy to find it, go along the pedestrian street towards the mountain Predigtstuhl (old town) and on the left side you will see pink building. Just in case the address: Alte Saline 9, 83435 Bad Reichenhall, Germany

Website:  The old mine of Bad Reichenhall

Working time: 24/03 - 31/10: daily from 10.00 until 16.00 o'clock, from 2/11 to 23/03 Tuesday - Saturday from 11.00 until 15.00 on the first Sundays of month from 11 until 15. The tour takes about 45 minutes, the temperature underground is about 12 degrees (at any time of the year). Baby strollers are not allowed.The cost of the tickets children 4-16 years - 5 euros, 18-25 years - 8 euros, adults - 9 euros. Family tickets - 20 euros (2 adults and a child) +3,6 euros for every next child.

 Unfortunately,I have not yet got into this Museum. You know how it is, you live in a city and always put it off for later, first we'll go to distant lands, and then we'll always have time to get here ))) 

According to the description, the Museum presents ancient mining equipment, the history of salt mining in the land of Berchtesgaden. In General, the mines are a great option for excursions in bad weather: it's raining, it's slushy outside, and you come to an unusual Museum, which is always dry ))


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