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The gorge Silberkarklamm

A small gorge Silberkarklamm is situated in Austria in the area Ramsau am Dachstein. There is a little information about this attraction really, and no information in Russian. In addition, there are few photos on the Internet (they are all similar and from one angle).

What could I read? The gorge is situated on the height of 1000 m above the sea; the height difference is about 125 meters. The path goes along the wooden bridges and ladders. It is impossible for people with disabilities to walk there. There are two waterfalls in the gorge – 10 and 70 meters.

There is a parking lot at the entrance of the gorge 8972 Silberkarklammweg, Austri. Attention, you will need a vignette!

I have not found the official information about the cost of the visit, working hours yet. The cost of the visit (by the tourists’ feedbacks): Adults: € 4, 20; Children (6-14 years): € 2, 50,

It is recommended to visit with little children by the feedbacks (it is written that the walk for children is easy), it is not hot to walk in a sunny weather because of the wind and the water sprays, but it is recommended to use a sunscreen, the place is open for the sun.

If you have any photos from this place or information – I will be very grateful. I will post it here and mention the contacts necessarily))

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