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Golling an der Salzach

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Golling on the Salzach river (Golling an der Salzach)  It is a small city situated in 30 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall (40 km) very close to autobahn A10 (do not forget about the vignette!). I have been in this city twice just passing by, had dinner in a restaurant, in the red house on the photo. The hotel is located in this house too. Actually, if I understood it right, the house was built in the 15th century, and the present owners (a family) have owed it since 1938. I could recommend the restaurant – the ambiance is very good, they cook very tasty, the disadvantage is working hours – from 11.30 until 14.00 and from 17.00 until 21.30.

I did not pay my special attention to this city, as it turned out in vain. Indeed the city has a good location, from the point of the base city for trips, as it is situated almost on the autobahn Salzburg – Villach, the set of attractions within both walking and  car availability – impressive, and there is no distance to Salzburg. There are entertainments for the evening too – there are restaurants on every taste, indoor swimming pool (not thermals, but also good). There are also supermarkets. The main disadvantage is the long distance from the airport; I do not consider Salzburg, as there is no regular direct link from Russia. Finally: this city is worth tourist’s attention!


The city has a very good tourist website:  Golling on the Salzach river for the tourists


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