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The outlet of Salzburg

In half an hour drive from Bad Reichenhall a big Outlet with the designer clothes is situated.

Аутлет Зальцбург 2

Address:  Kasernenstraße 1, 5073 Himmelreich

Website:  Outlet in Salzburg

It is a good shopping center, the prices are as in all outlets, the prices are lower than store prices, if you come here in February or in August – and then the discounts will be significant. There are attractive store interiors.

Pay your attention to that you can get to this shopping center only by the autobahn, as it is the territory of Austria, you must have a vignette, the part of autobahn is 800 meters, but there are two cameras, so you cannot slip by unnoticed.

Аутлет Зальцбург 4Аутлет Зальцбург 3Аутлеи Зальцбург

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