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Salzburg -  Salzburg is the capital of the land of Salzburg, Avtsria.

The city is almost situated on the border between Austria and Bavaria. The main aim of the site is to introduce the Bavarian attractions, but this land is closely related with Bavaria, here everything is located nearby, in the neighborhood. Actually, I think that for the Russian people such distances may seem ridiculous, 200 km from Moscow to the neighboring regional city (Tula or Tver), and many people have country houses here and so we ride 4-5 hours after work by traffic and “no problems”)), and here is only 25 km on excellent roads…

However, I was distracted… In fact, may be Salzburg and Munich are similar cities, but … how to say that, Munich is a financial center, technical center, and it feels like that, while Salzburg is more a tourist center, the mother land of Mozart, it is a musical city of the balls, if one can say so. I just like to walk on the streets of Salzburg more )))



There are of course many hotels and shopping centers here, in the city, less than in Munich, but a decent amount. And… mountains nearby )))

While walking in Salzburg you may pay your attention to some little museums (I am not ready to make pages about them on the site; there is no material at all).

So then, Panorama Museum of Salzburg works daily from 9 until 17 o’clock. The adult tickets are 4 euros, children’s are 2 euros.  Address: Residenzpl. 9, 5020 Salzburg. The picture shows Salzburg in 1829. The picture is made photographically accurate, and the sound creates the effect of presence.


Museum of the Celts.

Works daily from 9 until 17 o’clock. Address: Pflegerpl. 5, 5400 Hallein, Austria 

It is the largest museum of the celtic culture in Europe. The archaeological finds on the territory of the land Salzburg are presented there: household utensils, weapon, jewellery and so on. 

The adult tickets are 7,5 euros, children - 2,5 euros.


The website: Salzburg event calendar

Another interesting link is the map of the places with free Wi Fi

You can buy tickets on the public transport and choose the travel routes of the buses/railways  on the website of the Salzburg transport.

Attractions nearby:

The castle Salzburg (Festung Hohensalzburg)

The Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt

The castle Hohenwerfen (Burg Hohenwerfen)

Gollinger Waterfall (Gollinger Wasserfälle)

Anif castle Anif (Schloss Anif)

The castle Hellbrunn (Schloss Hellbrunn)

House of Nature in Salzburg


Mirabell Palace

The street of 1000 signdoards Getreidegasse

The Mozart museum in Salzburg

The outlet of SalzburgThe outlet Europark

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