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The Cave Spannagelhöhle

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The cave situated on the south of Tyrol the cave Spannagelhoehle. You will need a vignette for the ride. It is not easy to get to this cave, you will have to drive for about 2 hours 10 minutes by car from Bad Reichenhall, and then make a hiking. The cave is situated at the glacier, so there is snow all year round, you will need warm comfortable shoes and warm clothes for this trip.

The cave on the map

How to get there (the information is from the website): Go by the motorway A12, exit  Zillertal, Bundesstrasse (B169) to  Mayrhofen, then by the road Tuxer Landesstrasse in direction to Hintertux to the station Glacier Trails. The ascent from the glacier trail (Gletscherbus 1 & 2) to Tux then the house (The road closes at 16.00). After the short slope (nearly 10 minutes), get to the entrance of the cave Spannagelhöhle on the height of 2530 m above the sea. The landmark for navigator - Hintertux 789, 6293 Tux In summer there are daily excursions without preliminary record.

01.June to 09.July for 11,12,13 and 14 hours

10.July to 09.September for 10,11,12,13,14 and 15 hours

10.September to 14.October for 11,12,13 and 14 hours,

Winter: daily excursions on demand

15.October – 31.May Registration the day before until 15.00

Excursions are held every hour, the cost for adults is 15 euros, children from 6 to 15 years – 8, 00 euros.

Attention! They accept only cash, the cards are not accepted.

It is a basic excursion, the walking time is about 1 hour, and the length of the route is about 500 meters. There are excursions on the additional routes; the preliminary record is needed and the cost is up to 120 euros. In addition, you can visit a cave museum, where the mountain finds are presented.

On excursion, you will know about: “It is the highest and biggest cave of Europe with the length of 10 km (according to the latest data). During the excursion, the visitors are told about the composition of rocks (color marble, caked and sintered formations, crystals, striped marble, and erosion basins), age, and the conditions of formation of the cave, its flora and fauna and the climate conditions, which have a healing effect on lung diseases. The bats appear close to the inlet, although some can lose in the depth of the cave.

In the Eastern part of the tunnel the museum was made, where the finds from the bowels of the mountain are presented.”


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