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Summer sleighs of Tegelbergbahn


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Near to Schwangau and Nowenstein there is a wonderful center of extreme sport, including  summer sleighs Tegelberg. The length of the track is 760 metres; the general principle is the same – the trolley with a brake lever. Children under 3 years are strongly not allowed to ride, children from 3 to 8 years can ride with adults (there is an information on the website that they have double sleighs) Then there is no age limit)).

The track is very interesting, there is a passage under the bridge, and there are many turns… You will definitely enjoy it!

Address: Tegelbergstraße 33, 87645 Schwangau

The cost:

Adult: personal ticket 4,50 €

Children: single ticket 3,00 €

Generally, besides the sleighs, this center offers hang-gliding, the climb into the mountains (there is an observation deck and a funicular) that is why you should stay and enjoy the Alps)))

And in conclusion there is a small video from the site: 

Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65