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Hans-Peter Porsche museum (Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk)

Only in 11 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall there's a small but fantastically interesting museum. As it is written in the advertisement: museum is for children, elder children and for those who hasn't got out of the childish age.

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The museum is situated next to the track Salzburg-Munich. The parking is free, tickets: children from 7 to 17 years- 9 euros, children under 6 - free, adults- 14 euros, there are family tickets for two adults and up to 4 children under 17 years - 35 euros. Monday is holiday, working time is from 9 until 17:30.

Website of the museum:  Hans-Peter Porsche Traumwerk
Address: Zum Traumwerk 1, 83454 Anger

By public transport: between stations Bad Reichenhall Hauptbahnhof and Teisendorf (from Munich or Salzburg you can easily get by train) there's a bus number 829 with the bus stop "Dreamwerk Porsche". The travel time is about 15 minutes. The bus line works from Monday to Friday in the museum's working hours.

 So the most part of the collection (by the quantity) is toys, toys connected with technology- cars, trains, planes and boats.

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You have walked and your children don't know where to burn off excess energy? Put them to play in constructor, and take a seat near and watch the educational film.


There are moving cars, do you remember the car with the foot drive from childhood?

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There's a big track for the racing of the radio-controlled cars. And of course the real cars, how can we manage without them?

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As for me the most interesting was the huge layout of the railway. I haven't seen the Grand layout in Saint Petersburg yet, but this layout has impressed me!!! Developmental work, decoration, the quantity of trains... There are railways of three countries: Germany, Austria , Switzerland.

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Look at the wall , there is a clock with countdown, wait until night! There will be a little performance with music and effects...The video does not transmit the 10th part of the atmosphere.


 And after the museum the walk at the street, there's a little railway, but you can ride it, you can send your children to the climbings (very good!), You can have a snack at the museum's cafe.

 The museum is rather new and not very popular, there are not many people there, so use the opportunity to watch everything free!!!

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