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Summer sleighs Blomberg Blitz

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In 2008 near the mountain Blomberg a sleigh track was opened – Blomberg Blitz. The main peculiarity of this track is that it works all year round, not only in the summer time, moreover, here you can ride even in the rainy weather: special caps protect passengers from the fallout. The length of the track is 1300 metres, the slope is 24%, the height difference is about 100 metres, 2 springboards, there are shafts, turns, even one “centrifuge”, the developed speed is 40 km/h. Besides, on Saturdays you can ride the track from 19 hours until 22 hours, that means night rides!!!

Address:  Am Blomberg 2, 83646 Wackersberg,Germany

On a page you can find out the exact schedule of the track, in general, it is opened on the weekend from 9 until 16 hours.

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Blomberg Blitz


Blomberg Blitz Erwachsene Kinder8-13 Jahren ErmäßigtErwachsene Kinder
Einzelfahrt 6,00€ 5,00€    
3er-Karte 15,00€ 12,00€ - -
6er-Karte 27,00€ 22,00€ - -
Gruppen ab 12 Personen/je Person - - 5,00€ 4,00€
Nur Samstags Nachtrodeln Flatrate 19:00-22:00 Uhr - - 15,00€ 15,00€
Bei Gruppen ab 20 Personen ist eine Person frei.
Um Voranmeldung wird gebeten.
Ab 3 Jahren.
Kinder ab 8 Jahren dürfen alleine fahren.
Kinder 3-7 Jahre sind frei.
Preisänderungen vorbehalten.
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