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This small city (the population is 45 thousands people) can be called the gates of Bavaria. Actually, I have driven many times near this city, because it is situated almost across the road from the International airport of Munich. Nevertheless, as usual? On the way to the trip, we want to reach the main aim of our travelling. In addition, on the departure there are always difficulties with spending the last day: one does not want to fly away in the morning, you want to lengthen the vacation on some hours more, but at the same time, it is necessary to come to the airport on time. Moreover, if you are travelling with children? So you should plan the trip in order your children (it is useful for adults too) can warm up before a long trip. In addition, I think this is the right place where you can say good-bye to Bavaria - the city Freising.  

For a long stay I would recommend this city to those who do not want to stay in Munich, but at the same time it is easy to be in the access zone to the places of interest of the capital of Bavaria, it is also not far from Landshut, Ingolstadt (among the biggest cities). There are not so many attractions in the city, it is an old city, and of course, the oldest brewery  Weihenstephaner in the world founded in 1040. The different Freising events are held in the city. If it is summer you should visit the rose garden in the center of the city, walk along small channels, rivers and streams, flowing along the city streets.

The distance to Bad Reichenhall is 174 km (1h 46 minutes)

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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65