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Bird park Greifvogelpark Umhausen

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The bird park which is situated not in the needed area, but it's a very interesting place, and not in all kennels and zoos you can watch the bird’s flight. So, park Otzi and  bird park Greifvogelpark Umhausen.  In this kennel you can meet an eagle, golden eagle, different kinds of eagles, buzzards, owls, ravens, hawks...Half an hour before the demonstration flights you can walk along the cages and meet the feathered hunters closer. The demonstration is held on the area like a little stadium where spectators are on the tribunes (there's a middle photo above). The flight demonstrations are held at 11:30 and at 14.30 o'clock, on weekends and holidays, and in peak season, there's an optional demonstration at 16.00 o'clock. The duration of the demonstration is 45 minutes.

Prices and working hours: park works from the 1 May to 26 October. Monday until 8 June and from 30 September - weekend. The cost of the ticket for children from 6 to 15 years - 6,50 euros, adult ticket - 16,70 euros, family ticket (2 adults+ children) - 41,90 euros. Dogs on a leash are allowed to come.

Address: Am Tauferberg 8, 6441 Umhausen

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Pay attention to that there are attractions nearby, which have not been included in my guide, it is park Otzi, thermal complex Aqua Dom.

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