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The museum of military history Rottauer Museum

What do boys like? What games? Of course, shootings, wars (no matter what peaceful their parents are, boys prefer these games). Yes, this generation prefers more electronic versions to running along the yard with toy-guns and automatic weapons, but when they come to the museum where they can touch and climb - they are doing is let they climb the tank.  These are children, then they grow up and some of them become interested in history. And what can be more interesting than visual learning the history? Even if this is the history of wars. In Bavaria and Austria there are many castles, in many of them there are arsenals, but the samples of armour that are presented there mainly were developed in middle ages. Exception (on memory) the Kufstein museum, where you can find some examples of small arms of the beginning of the 20 century and Deutsches Museum, where you can see planes , rockets FAY-2, some examples car and motor-technics and that's all.  There's also a museum of army in Ingolstadt, but it is very distant from describing area. 

So i advise fans of the military history put this page in the bookmarks, the museum about which i haven't found much information - Rottauer Museum в городе Pocking. Address of the museum: Rottau 11a, 94060 Pocking 

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This is the private collection of Robert Niedermayer. He has collected different samples of outfit, equipment and military equipment from the first and second world wars, and afterwar period. Many samples of technics are on the go and are used in filming of the historical films, and also they take part in different reconstructions and displays of military technics. There's a tank "Patton" on the photo.

Unfortunately, the website doesn't give any information about the cost of the tickets, visiting time: by agreement: it is open daily from 14:00 until 16:00, including Sundays and on holidays. From November to February only by telephone agreement. Individual excursions can be held by telephone order.

Just in case, for convenience i will give you the contacts: +49 (0)85 31-3 29 00; E-Mail:

If someone from the readers of this website will visit this museum - please send me an  email ,it is very interesting to know more about it, and if it is possible to see more photos.



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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65