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If you want to walk in the mountains “with a comfort”     ))) Here is the most remarkable place! It is Wendelstein. The parking address:  Osterhofen 90, 83735 Bayrischzell (It is 1 hour 15 minutes from Bad Reichenhall, 102 km). It is a rather interesting place, so what to see here?

Firstly, all attractions are situated on the mountain on the height of 1750 – 1850 meters that is interesting by itself, as Alps views are always much to the delight (as for me!)). Secondly, this is the way to the top of the mountain, it has three ways: the first is on foot (unexpectedly, yes?))), the second is on the first in Germany railway with a gear drive (the gear road). The road was built in 1912 and what is interesting , it was electrified!!!, and the third way is on the funicular. The raise and descent on the road or funicular back and forth is 25 or 35 euros.

You are on the top, what is here? Here is a walk along the highest cave in Germany (entrance 2 euros) – screw cave is located on the height of 1711 meters above the sea. Take into account, the temperature of the air in the cave is always +3 degrees, so take warm clothes. The time of the walk is 45 minutes.

Then there is the first in Bavaria alpine hotel. What is the hotel without a restaurant? I highly recommend you to sit with the glass of beer/cup of coffee, a glass of cola and watch the Alps – it is worth it!

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Then the Munich observatory is situated here, you can have a walk there and enjoy the views of the mountains. In conclusion of course it is necessary to visit the alpine temple, only chapel on Zugspitze is higher the temple in Bavaria.

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You can get there by train to the village Osterhofen, then on the funicular or to the city Brannenburg by train then by bus to the gear railway.

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