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Hohen Schwangau (Schloss Hohenschwangau)

The official website of the castle:  Hohen Schwangau

The address:  Alpseestraße 30, 87645 Schwangau


The castle is situated near the village Schwangau. You can get there both by car (there is a big free parking lot nearby, that works almost 19 hours), and by train, it is not far from the station.

Expect that the excursion will take almost the whole day. Combine the visiting of the castle with the observation of Neuschwanstein, there is no bigger than two kilometres between them, you can ride the horse or walk on foot.

You should definitely see the castles! Firstly the places around are very beautiful, secondly the interiors in the castles are fully saved, that I think helps fully immerse yourself in the Royal atmosphere (at least for a while you will feel like a special Royal blood!)).

There are no interiors of the castle on the website, and you cannot trust to those what the search engines give out, the palaces are clearly mixed up. I will show only one photo (Yandex helped).


All other photos are made by me at the street.The tickets are sold at the passage to the castle not far from the parking. Of course it is better to visit castles in spring- summer, but  winter has its own charm.

The working time of the castle:

in winter: from the end of October to March (the days may change from year to year) - 8.30-15.00

In summer:7.30-17.00

There are audio guides in Russian language in all castles. The visiting is only with the excursion group, that meets at the entrance of the castle.When you buy a ticket, you will be assigned a time of excursion, there is a turnstile at the entrance to the castle, on the tableau which says which group and what time is it going. Actually, it is very convenient, the organisation is brilliant. The excursion lasts 30-40 minutes. The castle is not big and this time is enough.

The entrance for adults is 13 euros, for children under 18 years the entrance is free.

In addition, when you buy tickets pay attention to the combinations, you can buy tickets to these two castles and to the castle Herrenchiemsee, Linderhof or the hunting lodge, you will definitely save your money!

IMG_0952 IMG_0950 IMG_0953 IMG_0966


These were the first two king Ludwig’s II castles that we have visited. We got there by car, the navigator choosed the short way and that was a mistake. The single lane road wound through small towns and villages, so if you go by car you should use autobahns, you will lose in the kilometrage but win half an hour.

By experience and impressions i can say that the organisation of the system of buying tickets and entrance to the castle is very well-organized, everything is clear and the system of group organisation helps to avoid tiring crowding at the passage to the box office and the entrance to the castle. I remembered this system while standing in the heat to the Catherine palace in the middle of July))).

The castle itself is not big, cozy, constructed to the end (maybe because the Ludwig’s parents, not Ludwig himself built it). It is better to observe it with Neuschwanstein in a good weather in order to walk calmly along the shore of the lake, but in what season i can hardly say, because it looks beautiful in every season. Maybe on the dark rainy day it looks not so good...

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