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Fans of aviation, fans of F1, fans of extreme sports!!!

 Museum Hangar 7 was made for you!

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The museum is situated in 16 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall.

Attention!!! For driving by car you will need a vignette, you can't avoid the motor way , the road is 800 meters, but there are two cameras, the fine as i remember is about 150 euros.

The museum is situated next to Salzburg airport. Website: Hangar 7

Address: Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a, 5020 Salzburg Austria

The museum works from 9 o'clock until 22. The entrance is free!!!

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 I don't even know with what our museum i can compare this place... Here are F1 bolides, a Baumgartner's stratostat(do you remember the man who has jumped from stratosphere on earth). And planes... In Zhukovsky there were B-25 Mitchell and F-4U on MAKS festival, fantastic!

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Well, those who are interested in technics , this is your museum!

If mothers and girls don't want to go here ,you can divide, there's a small shopping centre nearby: Designer Outlet Kasernenstraße 1, 5073 Himmelreich, website -

Girls are shopping and boys are walking in the museum!

The video is made by Flying Bulls

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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65