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About the website


Hello everyone!

If you are reading/watching this website that means you are going to have a trip )))

I hope that my little guide will help you to have a great time in your trip, and you and your children will not be bored during your vacation.

The construction of the site is following: the starting point of all trips is the city Bad Reichenhall that is situated in Berchtesgadenland Upper Bavaria, but the places of interest are located both in Bavaria and in the two lands of Austria – Salzburg and Tyrol. The city Bad Reichenhall has a very good location, straight on the border of the two states, but while preparing to the trip you will have to read the guides on both countries, that is not very convenient. Besides, some places in the guides are not described or described briefly, and the tourist cannot easy understand if the place is interesting/or not interesting, so he has to search the description and the feedback in the Internet… That is the beauty of it (I, for example, like to do it very much), but there is often a lack of time, or little experience in it, or “I just heard it and I lit up”. This website, of course, is not a storehouse of information, but I hope, it could at least answer the main tourist’s questions: “Is it interesting for me to see it? Do I want to get there?”

For ease of the search I have tried to group together different places of interest by categories. If you have any other ideas of classification of the attractions – I would listen to you with pleasure, because the more opinions, the more convenient and interesting the website will be.

The part of places, which are described in the guide, are examined by me and my family personally, the other part of places are awaiting to see, so I hope the site will always refill. I also hope to see your comments and feedbacks – this will help to make the site convenient and full as much as possible. All the photos you can see in photo galleries are mine, except the places where photography is prohibited (for example Ludwig’s II castles) or where I have not been yet, there I use photos freely available on the Internet.

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Dear hotel owners, tour guides, restaurateurs!

I would love to post links to your hotels on my website, for a small fee, certainly, (because I have to maintain the site))).

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