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The BMW museum

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Bavarian motors...what boy won't tremble when seeing the circle with 4 sections and a magic sign BMW.

The museum is situated next to the Olympic park of Munich, it is convenient to park in front of the museum at the car centre BMW, and to come to the museum by crossing the street through the bridge. Parking address: Am Olympiapark 1, 80809 München

Website of the museum: The BMW museum

Working time: from Tuesday to Sunday, holidays: 10:00 - 18:00, Monday- weekend, tickets are sold until 17:30. 

Constant exposition and temporary exhibitions: - one ticket: 10,00 euros

 - with discounts: 7,00 euros - children, schoolchildren, students

- group ( min 5 people) p. P.: 9,00 euros

- family (max. 2 adults and 3 children at the age under 18 years): 24,00 euros

From buying the ticket is available during 5 hours.

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The museum is very interesting, there's the whole history of carconstruction of factory, and all models that were released. A big section with motor cycles, there's even a hall with engines for planes. Actually not many people know that the history of the factory began from aircraft construction.

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Guides walk in white textile gloves , and carefully open doors and hoods of exhibits, and there's something to see, even the seat attachment in cars of 30s years from last century is interesting.

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One more advice. We have come to the museum on the way to airport. I also recommend you to do so. Why? The road to the airport is straight , the time to airport is 30-40 minutes, near the museum there are many cafes and restaurants, where you can energy yourself for the back way, all is on the way, convenient, logical, practical ( Quadratisch, practisch, gut!))))

More photos are in gallery.

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