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The Rupertus Thermae (Rupertustherme)


It is probably the most favourite place of my wife and children in Bad Reichenhall )))

Website:  The Rupertus Thermae

Address:  Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 21, 83435 Bad Reichenhall

Working time. Thermals and sauna – from 9 until 22 o’clock.

Prices:  Adult ticket – 23, 50 euros, children under 16 years – 20, 50 euros, children – 17, 50 euros. On entering from 19 hours there are discounts – 15, 50 euros/13, 50 euros/11, 50 euros.

Actually, it is very convenient to use evening discounts. Imagine that you were walking the whole day, or visiting museums/places of interest, and came back in the evening very tired. What can be better than a relaxing bathing? Exactly – nothing!

Have a snack, but do not overeat, swimming with a full stomach cannot be too much fun. Then you enjoy fantastic warm water and after all have a cup of warm tea for the night. How do you like this evening? ))

It is a big water complex, there are swimming pools with regular water (regular swimming pool and a swimming pool with rides) in the new built building, there are salt-water pools, with aqua massages, with sprinkles, with bulk like and the temperature is 36 degrees, 18 degrees… There is a sauna, massage cabinets, a fitness center.

Generally – it is the best place for the rest!

Especially, if you were out enough all day and want to relax.

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Have a good rest!

2018 year.

The summer was very hot that year. When the temperature reached more than 25 degrees there was a discount 30 %. What can I say?

WELL DONE!!! This is the photo of this year


It is a swimming pool with a high concentration of salt. Full relax, the body does not sink, you enjoy relaxing music and watch a film, but you can close your eyes.

IMG_20180808_200114 IMG_20180808_193342IMG_20180808_201016

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