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The Thermal complex Bad Wörishofen

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One of the biggest thermal complexes of Bavaria and Germany is the Thermal complex Bad Wörishofen.

The photos are impressive and for a reason this place is called “The Thermal paradise”. However… be careful, the first thing you will see when you enter the section of the website about thermals in the menu on the left is “The thermal paradise is available from 16 years”. For those who does not understand: visiting saunas in Germany is together with women and men “without textiles”. Saturday from 9 until 18 o’clock is for those people who want to visit thermals with families.

Therefore, of course, the thermals amaze by its sizes, quality of services and variety of saunas, swimming pools and relaxing programs.

It is 2 hours 10 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall (214 km). Of course, it is better to live somewhere in this area, the region is very interesting. The address for the navigator:  Thermenallee 1, 86825 Bad Wörishofen

Working hours: Mon-Wed – from 10 until 22 o’clock, Thu-Fri – from 10 until 23 o’clock, Saturday family visits – from 9 until 18 o’clock, from 19 until 24 o’clock – evening “without textiles”; Sun – from 9 until 22 clock.


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I also recommend you to pay attention to the events which are held in saunas and thermals, may be you will find something interesting for you.

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How to get there by car:

The trip from Munich to the exit Bad Wörishofen by the highway A96 takes 40 minutes. You should go by the highway B17 from Augsburg, then by the highway A96 in the direction to Lindau/Memmingen to the exit Bad Wörishofen. The guests can get from the direction to Lindau/Memmingen  to the exit A96.

The Spa-complex is situated on the resort territory in the north – without reaching the center of the city Bad Wörishofen. Just follow the guide signs.

The bus 24 drives to the thermals. Pay your attention to that the bus to the thermals is free for those who will get there by the railway and for the inhabitants.  

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