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House of Nature in Salzburg

It is 25 minutes drive from Bad Reichenhall, website: House of nature in Salzburg

The museum on the map

It works daily from 9 until 17 o'clock, tickets for adults -8,50 euros, for children 6,00 euros; 2 adults+1 child -21,50 euros, for every next child -5,50 euros.


It is interesting both for adults and children in the museum. You can touch everything, roll, blow in those part of the museum where the laws of physics and nature are explained... On the photo you can see that you can try to jump on ski from the trampoline, or you can learn how the bones in skeleton work while riding the bike, how much energy is needed the fan to start working...

It is similar to our Experimentarium.  But besides these exhibits there's a history of life on earth, starting from dinosaurs, there's also a little part with aquariums, and many other interesting and educational. It will take you three-four hours , and it is very difficult to take away children from here...


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Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya str, 65